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The thing is we KNOW for a fact Battlefield is going to be better. Bad Company 2 was better. killzone was better. Even Crysis 2 online was better.

The fact of the matter is COD is a casual game. It doesn't try to compete to be better. It simply puts arcade fundamentals and makes every player feel like they are good at the game. Even the worse players out there could manage to get a good K/D ratio and feel good about themselves.

Tag on the fact all the COD fanboys are brainwashed zombies and sales go through the roof.

EA we know your game is better, the problem is will it sell better. That is what we want to know. Almost every FPS coming out is better than COD but not a single one can touch the sales it has.

(If the next COD is made by IW and is a Modern Warfare, Im buying it. Otherwise im not bothering)
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