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the PS3's just getting started folks. That anti-PS3 tirade being passed as news was a joke.

I would expect the Wii and 360 to stay ahead of the PS3 in sales for a while, but that will eventually change. As the PS3's full online capabilities are released, HDTV use increases, and more compelling software hits the market, the PS3 adoption rate will climb more rapidly. Plus, Sony is actively looking for ways to lower the costs of the PS3, and they stated as much today. Once PS3 prices start decreasing sales will spike upward as well.

Right now, Sony is way ahead of the curve by including the HD Blu-ray player and other features in the PS3. The current PS3 price makes it a specialty console when compared to the price of the Wii or 360. It's like comparing a Ferrari with a Honda Accord - which would you expect to sell more of? Plus, the Wii is basically an overclocked GameCube (compare the specs, you'll see), so it's already dated. The biggest things it has going for it are that it's new and cheap. Soon, it will just be cheap. Reviewers and gamers are already talking about how dated the graphics look on the Wii. It's not really going to get any better.

The 360 is the closest competitor to the PS3, and it's leading with games right now and online play via XBox live. However, if Home delivers what it's supposed to, and it remains free, it will offer an online community and experience above and beyond Live. Plus, the 360 is still hamstrung since it doesn't come standard with the storage capacity of an HD-DVD drive, and not all systems have a hard drive. Those limitations will really show through in the game design department.

Sony is getting it right with the PS3. It will take time for the market to catch up, and they know that. I think the most revealing stat in the sales figures is that the PS2 is still leading console sales. Given the Playstation brand and backward compatibility, many of the PS2 sales today will probably lead to PS3 sales tomorrow.

It's too early and just ridiculous to say the PS3 has somehow "lost" already. It's really just getting started.
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