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Well I will say security has never been my concern/worry, anything the hackers have is something you could look up in a phonebook, so why worry about it.

Another thing has simply been pricing lately, I already own most of the cheaper games I wanted for PS3 where 360 by entering a few years late I've yet to spend more than $15 on a single title I've bought for the system so far (the highlight being getting Pure for $2.68).

Oh and a small note for Canadians, if you haven't already heard, Blockbuster Canada has hit bankruptcy proceedings and as a result many stores are closing and taking 30% off everything in the store (whether it's new or used games, movies, TV seasons, etc, even the food they sell is 30% off). As a result last night I picked up a used copy of Medal of Honor for 360 for $11.85 including taxes.
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