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I've since spent more time on the second one and came up with my first revision, now for awhile during the process of making that wallpaper I had been debating how to incorporate Sackboy as the image itself is already crowded at the bottom with the current 5 characters and I didn't want to shrink them anymore so originally I thought of putting Sackboy's head in the middle but I didn't like how the other characters looked in contrast so this was the compromise, make him transparent and part of the PlayStation universe.

EDIT: This one is a result of me going through some of the creative works that have been posted in the forums, now it's by no means a final version and if anyone has something they want to add or replace to it, just PM me and I'll send you the .PSD file or if you want something removed from it, don't hesitate to PM me either, I will remove it ASAP and get a new version out without your work included. The current version showcases work from Dustin S., SaintAvi, Gaf, trediddy, Nick, Dipchit02 and xEN7xASSASSINx.

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