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Stolen PS3 Tracked Down by PSN

Well it's was an unlucky day for one gamer out there, according to Engadget (Yes, I know it's almost a year old but it's still a good story), a gamer by the name of Dustin Waller happened to receive a "used" PlayStation 3 as a gift and upon receiving it used the previous owners PSN account still on the machine and continued to do so for about a month. Turns out his "used" PlayStation 3 was stolen and after that month of gaming, the police showed up at his door and took his console away, apparently the police traced his IP address to his location but Sony had to be involved in some way, although this isn't totally clear. The final kicker for the poor gamer when he went back to the 3-D Games store where the console was bought to get a refund, he was refused and all they would offer him was an Xbox 360 in return, to which Waller complains "isn't nearly as expensive or sophisticated as the PlayStation."
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