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Technicly speaking if the console was stolen and he purchased it from the store, he has a lawsuit with the store. He can tell the cops where he got it from, have them get in trouble instead of him, and with that get another PS3 along with some money. If he didn't do this then obviously he knows something was up with it and didnt want to get in trouble.

I always wondered if you could track it down with PSN though. I always fear mine getting stolen. Ive been robbed before and had 3 cars stolen before, its not a good feeling. At one point your somewhat scared but at the same time your extremely ****ed that people are complete morons like that.

However tracking my IP address, it goes to a general area because it leads to my IP main station and not my direct house since its cable and they use hubs for neighborhoods. Im sure they could contact my IP and get direct address though easily.
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