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Originally Posted by Dustin S. View Post
I just do, having to use them at school sucks. I dont like how anything feels or looks. Ive used PC and MS my entire life so im more comfortable with their systems and can better understand how they work, aka why i know how to fix most of PC problems and always tell everyone i know to get one or i wont fix their comp. (funny how I can support PlayStation and MS in the same site? haha) I just dont think Apple is doing anything great with any of their products, its just "differnt" and people think its better and its not. If the number of people using pc started using macs you will see just as many viruses (if not more), just as many problems, just as many complaints etc...
I see where you're coming from but the way I see it as macs are great for the average consumer, and people that use its specialized advantages. I mean when I got on my old PC (which isn't very old, 1 gig ram etc.) it restarts programs unexpectedly, takes forever to load, firewire doesn't always work and is just a pain in the ass. My mac hasn't had any of these problems which is why I think it's good for the average consumer. For things like audio production I think a mac is almost essential.

Pc's can be great for people that are used to them (though it's not hard getting used to a mac) or people that know a **** load about computers. They both have different advantages for different demographics. Both Pc's and macs are great and I would only recommend one over the other after hearing the persons needs.
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