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this is from the thread on vgevo

Originally Posted by nabokovfan87
ok, i think i should start by saying this is my second r&c demo (first was psp game size matters) and i have never played a ratchet and clank game at all.

some major issues:

1. the camera: it is too far away (object block me from seeing character), and it is always too low (creating cinematic feel, but i want it at shoulders like normal)

2. the backgrounds: there is a lot going on. sometimes i get lost in watching it, and i get hit for it by the enemies.

3. controls: there are 2 buttons to shoot (o and r1) there should only be one. r2 should be mapped to the gun selection, and hopefully i will be able to change it in the retail release.

now, before you get all irked let me just say that i enjoyed the game, and quite frankly i enjoy the series. the game is far from perfect, i always like to point that out, but it is better then many other things i have played on the ps3. (like the nhl games)

there ya go, enjoy.

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