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To me the way he said it is not complete support, its "we like you Sony but we are gonna go full xbox and give you ports" however by 2011 there will be a price drop so no need to worry.

To me personally (not looking at the big picture) i dont own a single Activision game except COD4 and soon to be COD6(sorry ein lol). Thats it. I HATE all of Activisons crappy movie games, i hate Guitar Hero (love Rock band) and i just dont see quality in any of their games. Even Prototype, the one game that i thought "yeah its Activison but its going to kick absolute ass" failed for me. However Nick is right, the game still sold and their games still sold. They are a great developer for certain reasons and i can understand that, but i dont see how or why they would leave Sony just because they are not meeting Price drop demands. The whole "well we sell less games" theory is wrong. Xbox sales are slowing, PS3 is doing great over seas, and PS3 is not lagging terribly. Whats next "Sony better charge for online or we will leave"?

If its EA id be a little more worried, they know how to sell things big time. We are on what GH5 now? And now GH DJ? EA is on Rock Band 2 and has a huge online DLC support list, Rock Band 3 i believe will be out next year but they improve it and support the old, hell they support GH even. EA has 4 titles i want (NFS, Battlefield, Army of Two, Dragon Age) like i said Activision i want COD6 and ill be happy. I believe they are probably factoring in Blizzard when they say Activision is now top dog....
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