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I just want to question 2 things

1 Why is the Media is the only people making a HUGE deal out of PS3 sales? Its such a BIG deal that Sony is "not selling well" yet why is Sony not freaking out about it? Maybe Sony is somewhat happy with the way things are going? Explaining there lack of advertising. You dont see many PlayStation ads, yet PS3 is selling well, which proves PlayStation brand sells itself.

2 Why are people "boycotting" Activision already? 1 They havent done anything yet, they just said (like all other companies) Sony needs to lower the price so they can in turn sell overprice periphials. Then boycotting now is not going to do a "whole lot" with the game they have planned coming later this year. Tony Hawk and call of Duty are probably the two biggest titles in gaming history, yes Tony Hawk is TERRIBLE now, but that still leaves us COD6 (Sorry EIN :) ) which is predicted to have the biggest sales week in history for all entertainment formats. Your "boycott" will do nothing because of this.
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