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Going a few posts back, you were talking about how minimal ads were sufficient...

I'll tell you my own experience..I've been a gamer for a lot of yrs now, with the PS2, PSP and PC.

But PS3, it's a total new genre. PS2 and PSP have nothing to do with the PS3 or the Xbox.
Finally when i graduated to being a PS3 owner, i was a novice to all the games. I did'nt know about what the third party games were, what the PS3 exclusives where. Only through forums like these, and review sites like ign and gamespot, i am increasing my knowledge...

I moved on to the PS3 only because my laptop was losing its "last yr's best configuration" status and the games where out growing it. Crysis took my poor laptop to the launderers by the way... It was a decision between a XPS and a PS3, and i chose the PS3.

Mind you, i used to go on to gamespot even when i gamed on the PC, but then never bothered to look into the PS3 site. I personally feel a few jaw dropping PS3 ads will do a hell a lot of good.
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