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Ads ARE important, but i think Sony is more than happy right now letting their products do the advertising for them. Look at Valkalye Chronicles. The game sold like crap back when it came out, now its back on the top selling list and its a few months out. Why? Because the people that did buy it talked about it, the reviews gave good comments, and people became interested. The same thing is happening with PS3. While the numbers seem "low" to the media, i gurentee at least 1 person in every group of friends has a PS3. Its that one friends job to tell his friends about it and get them interested in Killzone or Resistance.

I remember those kickass ads Sony had a while ago with the Saliva song and the PS3 blew open to show off games and movies and what not, the trailer was awesome. It grabbed ALOT of my friends attention and people were talking about it. I think Sony needs another ad of the same caliber this holiday season. But hell, have GT come out in november and just advertise the crap out of that and it will have the same impact.
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