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Well I'm not 100% sure as the PlayStation 3 will not boot at all without a hard drive (hardware feature) installed but with the hard drive out of the unit if you try to power it on, it then does start flashing red just like when it fails with the hard drive in after I tell my console to start using the hard drive so to me it's the only explanation. Looks like though I'll be just like you as I'm buying a 320GB but I was aware of losing space, it's a problem that exists on most hard drives due to how most operating systems report capacity vs. the way hard drive manufacturers measure capacity.

It also doesn't surprise me as the original hard drive is Seagate and I'm not a fan of their drives whatsoever, if this one truly is f***** it's the second hard drive from them that has completely failed and the third one to experience issues (to this day my Seagate hard drive in my HP continues to click and park unnecessarily) meanwhile the Western Digital 20GB drive in my old IBM lasted over 10 years (and believe me I didn't buy these Seagate drives, everyone one came with each machine and if I had the funds I would replace them all with Samsung or Western Digital drives or if I was really rolling in dough, replace them all with Intel SSD's).
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