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I'm not going to try putting in a 7,200RPM drive because although the PlayStation 3 can certainly run with drives of that speed, the increase in speed also produces more heat and especially in an older console, the last thing I want to introduce is more heat.

Plus the rated speed isn't everything, just because your hard drive can spin at 7,200RPM does not make it faster than a 5,400RPM drive because if the 5,400RPM drive has less platters/higher density, it saves time looking for data on multiple platters vs the "faster" 7,200RPM drive.

I really hope the hard drive solves the problem though because I just took advantage of a Futureshop offer where you get the official PS3 Bluetooth remote control for $24.99 and for free they throw in a 6-foot HDMI cable. I mean I have no use for an extra HDMI cable but I'm sure I can make a few bucks off it on Kijiji.
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