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Of all the threads you could post this scummy information, you had to choose the thread about my PlayStation 3. Absolutely disgusting and disgraceful as this is the sort of device I absolutely despise.

Also it's not just my opinion, your post is a violation of Rules 1 and 15 of the forums. Now go away and move under a rock until you're ready to make more appropriate contributions to the forums.

EDIT: Since the post this was about is now gone, I'll just say I'm still waiting for my new hard drive to come in. Needless to say though, I won't be playing my PS3 again before school starts.

Further EDIT: Well that new Western Digital drive came in, and it actually worked unlike my last 2, only problem was it lasted 5 minutes before kicking the bucket (it never even made it into my PS3 while working). So I've given up, returned that drive and I'm waiting till I can find a better drive to use, at this point I'm looking into Samsung or Hitachi.
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