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Whenever i upgrade i always go in with a sense of "ok keep it because ill be playing both!" and that never happens lol. Went for PlayStation to PS2 and PS1 went for N64, which went to collect dust. PS2 went for PS3 and i tried keeping it but all 3 PS2's went to family instead lol, including my 81 games i had for it. For free, im that generous, didnt even get an N64 this time! PS3 offers alot more to it though so i dont know what will happen with PS4, it will be hard to outdo greatness and who know maybe PS3 will still find use.

The only time i "missed" PS2 was when i got an Xbox, yes ive owned one. We got it and somehow i got to hook it up in place of my PS2 and that was a mistake on part. It had Halo 1 and 2, Fable, and all the "great" games Xbox had. They just were not for me, wasnt interested or anything and i put my PS2 back and gave the xbox to family, which ended up breaking it and buying a PS2 anyways lol. Truth is once you get connected to PS exclusives, there is no leaving, or you will miss ratchet, or socom, or resistance, or whatever your favorite is and there is no replacing it.

The only thing i miss about PS2 is walking into Bestbuy and seeing an aisle FILLED with all kinds of games, anything from casual to hardcore, it was all there. Now a days it seems like if the game isnt top quality it wont be on shelves just yet. Which is GREAT but at the same time i miss randomly picking up a game and finding myself enjoying it somehow. Metropolismania anyone?
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