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I think all this BS evolving around Microsoft lately is stupid. Its MICROSOFT WINDOWS, IE is a MICROSOFT product, just like everyone else has stated. You want to throw a fit about IE being on your computer? Go buy a Mac.

To be honest I see this as a nusciance. When I got my new PC or reinstalled 7 on my laptop I just need to jump online real fast and IE was already there ready for me, its nice. I like IE, I use that and Firefox, so I see no problem with it. Now its differnt, ill have to install the OS, then install IE, then isntall FF, then get online. Thank god this isn't coming to America.

Whats next? IE cant be on the Zune? Windows isnt allowed to support windows based file formats?

Why dont we get mad at Norton being on every pre built computer there is? Its more of a nusicance than IE ever will be. Dont know how many people had me uninstall the stupid thing to put real anti virus programs on it.

Completely agree with the above comment. Why doesnt Apple get hate for pre installing Safari? Answer : Apple isnt rich and easy to take money from like Microsoft.
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