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Originally Posted by giblet75 View Post
This thread is amazing...I am going to bookmark this.

May be I am the only one old enough to have been there when this started...most of the arguments here are based on experience due to the after-effects of Microsoft's actions.

Anyone in this thread heard of Real Player? Anyone here ever used Netscape 4? Anyone here know that Opera used to be ad-ware? Anyone here used Windows 95?
Yeah I've used RealPlayer (used to be decent until Media Player Classic came along), and Windows 95. I remember using Netscape very briefly (during the AOL browser days lol). I only used Opera once when my PC died.

I can see why the EU decided to do this, but isn't it MS' decision to put whatever they want to in their OS. As long as it isn't harmful to the user, or steals their data, they should be allowed to include whatever they want.
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