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May be I am the only one old enough to have been there when this started...most of the arguments here are based on experience due to the after-effects of Microsoft's actions.

Anyone in this thread heard of Real Player? Anyone here ever used Netscape 4? Anyone here know that Opera used to be ad-ware? Anyone here used Windows 95?
No I know exactly when it started, MS took things a little far and got in trouble for it.

The problem I have is like this. You just opened a store, lets call it Walmart. In this store you sell computer stuff, but you have your own product to sell. With that in mind you have YOUR product displayed all pretty and dont really push the competing ones. Hell you go as far as to not sell some companies versions because their prices suck. Is it ok for me to walk in your store and say "Umm you put these other products with your product at equal display level, you offer these other companies no matter what, end of story"? And now your FORCED to do that and your business starts hurting because people are overlooking you now?

Obviously it doesn't happen because Walmart seriously does that everyday. Costco isn't even selling Coke products right now because of a disagrement. So why is it ok for Netscape to through a fit about what Microsoft pre installs on their products? Did Netscape help develope Windows? No.

Plus like X Racer said, other than the fact that some browsers are more secure, faster, more efficient etc...whats the big deal now? Its fairly simple to create a website that runs right on any browser now, the only ones that dont are extremely low budget sites. There really is nothing to control now at all. If anything FF would suffer because Id no longer have to visit their site to download FF, therefore i dont see the ads, dont have to disable the ask toolbar...etc.
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