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I am happy to have stimulated some discussion. Sorry if I came across crochety.

My problem mainly was with comments that said "everyone uses IE anyway" - that's the point.

Not sure if I am for or against the ballot. It is good to advertise that people have choice. One thing that Microsoft did (if I remember correctly) was to discourage OEMs from pre-installing alternate browsers. Windows 95 is significant because it was the last MS OS that didn't come with a browser pre-installed. Windows explorer and internet explorer became (almost) one in the same with Windows 98 - and what a POS IE 4 was!

I think part of why the EU is coming down so hard on MS is that the US was too soft. The horse _HAS_ left the barn at this stage, but what they did to (admittedly crappy) Real is more recent. They were trying to do similar things with Windows Defender (nudge out AV companies).

I understand Microsoft is huge and wants to expand their product offering to continue to grow, I just don't necessarily agree with their methods, some of their philosophies around product development and their philosophy of "just ship something to enter a new market, market the hell out of it, and actually build it properly in a revision or 2" (usually revision 3 is starting to look like a product worth being in the market (e.g. Zune)

Done rambling. Thanks for the discusion guys!
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