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One thing that Microsoft did (if I remember correctly) was to discourage OEMs from pre-installing alternate browsers. Windows 95 is significant because it was the last MS OS that didn't come with a browser pre-installed.
I actually remember that, because internet was like a special privilage back in the day. You know when AOL would release a new version everyday haha.

Also If im not mistaken, wasn't all this started because MS updated Windows to disable Netscape?That ticked off the people using it, and obviously Netscape, which then basically went under and then Firefox was born.

I just dont think its right to tell Microsoft what they can and cant do with their own product. Unless your one of the paid workers developing the software, you have no say in the matter. For example with Zune. When I got it, it forces you to use the Zune software (I love it) so would it be ok for Apple to get mad it doesnt use Itunes? Or Realplayer? It also ditched the useless "plays on all" or whatever it is MS created, some people threw a fit about it, but no one really got outraged about it. Point is, if they didnt force Zune Marketplace on me, I probably would of stuck with something else. Im glad I didnt, but it also proves why their business model works.

Think of all the "clueless" people that are easy to persuade. You make fun of PC, they buy an Apple. you say Norton is the best virus program in the world, they go spend 50 bucks on it. You throw IE on PC's, they get used to it.

I dont like bloatware, but on my HP computer some of the HP programs were actually useful. Im glad it had them preinstalled on their product, even though deleting Norton is a pain in the ass all the time.
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