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I don't think anyone is arguing that they get pulled altogether, just restricted from being sold to minors:

According to Thompson, “If some wacked-out adult wants to spend his time playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, one has to wonder why he doesn’t get a life, but when it comes to kids, it has a demonstrable impact on their behavior and the development of the frontal lobes of their brain.”[34] Thompson has described the proliferation of games by Sony, a Japanese company, as “Pearl Harbor 2.”[35] According to Thompson, “Many parents think that stores won’t sell an M-rated game to someone under 17. We know that’s not true, and, in fact, kids roughly 50 percent of that time, all the studies show, are able to walk into any store and get any game regardless of the rating, no questions asked.”[36]

Source: Wikipedia - Jack Thompson
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