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PS3SUCKS. (is that even a name?)
As a moderator of these here forums, I'm going to have to ask you to shut the hell up :D. Aside from the fact that you've been presenting your opinion in an unnecessarily aggressive manner, you've been doing it with poor grammar, now this is a warning, calm down (all of you) they're just games consoles, heck, you don't even make any money off of them.

A better way to present this discussion would be with simple facts, and clearly presented opinions.

Some Examples:
The Wii is cheap and has a unique control system. I think this is good.
The PS3 has a high price. I dislike this.
The Xbox 360 is selling well and has a large array of games. I think this is good.
Holy carp! I got 1000 posts? I obviously wasn't paying attention.
Read the rules... or answer to me
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