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Originally Posted by lloyd View Post
Umm.. not trying to hijack the thread or anything but what kind of havoc? My PS3 freezes up on me a lot when first starting it and I have to flip the switch to get it to turn off.
Flipping the switch of from the back is a major cause of YLOD i.e. motherboard/PSU failure. So if a game freezes, hold down the power button (the touch one) and it will beep 3 times and shut down it self. Then you can flick the switch from the back without problem.

@awesom-o - I can think your PS3 is bricked (most likely a software issue, i.e. bricked).

If it is bricked, there is something you can do, if your PS3 fails to load the XMB.

1. (with the PS3 on standby) hold down the power button for 10 seconds until you hear three beeps.

2. Press the PS button on the controller and the recovery menu will load.

3. Use the recovery menu to unbrick your PS3 by installing a firmware update or restore PS3 system.

Let me know if it works, if it doesn't, call Sony, you are still under warranty.
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