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Well it doesn't surprise me EA would say that especially since they only just started to get their games running better on PlayStation 3 instead of just being terrible ports of the 360 version so they definitely have a lot more to use of the PlayStation 3. Although there definitely is untapped potential for any developer, I mean the PlayStation 2 wasn't maxed till well done it's life and there probably is still more they can do with it. The 360's problem was it's based on PC architecture so developers already knew how to pretty much max the system plus the DVD format of the games further limits them where PlayStation 3 gives developers plenty of space to work with on. Plus many of the developers of PlayStation 3 games such as Sucker Punch have stated their recent games could not run on anything but the PlayStation 3 so it definitely reaffirms what Sony said about the PlayStation 3 having a long life span.
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