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If that is true, part of is mainly just the fact that its new. Developers dont know how to utilize Blu-ray yet, they were never given this much freedom of space before, they dont know how to utilize the lens to its fullest speed etc...Its not a PC based console, its something entirely new. Thats why lazy developers complain about PS3, they actually have to work, yet the devs that actually do it right, see what results we get? Have we seen a Killzone from a third party? MGS4? Even Resistance? no. Its all completely new and something developers dont know how to use correctly, so of course ps3 has alot left.

Even if you do figure it out, there are ways to doing it better that even Sony themselves will be impressed with. Write this line of code slightlty differnt, use that source instead, do this first etc....Thats what PS2 did. Near the middle of Ps2 life everyone thought "thats it, thats the max" then a couple games come around and raise the bar and people are going further and further up till the point of Ps3 launch. Who knew BLACK was possible on that level with a Ps2....

Hell 360 isnt a complete clone of PC so devs can still even tweek some things with it to get better results too.
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