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The only thing Gabe Newell could say is how the PS3 would be a failure or how Sony screwed up, but when time came around for EA's release of The Orange Box, all he could say is how PS3 fans would be impressed. Guess what, we weren't and now he just looks like a big whining XBOX fanboy who along with his developers can't develop for the "harder" system, he has to have EA do his dirty work. But on the subject of PS2 games, I remember playing through so many racing games on PS2 including Gran Turismo 3 and they looked great at the time, but then Gran Turismo 4 came out and I just remember thinking that was insane for the PlayStation 2, the amount of detail in the environments was astonishing at least to me, plus the photo mode that could churn out pictures you would want to print. If they could accomplish that on the PlayStation 2 how far into it's life, imagine what we have coming down the road for the PlayStation 3.
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