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Originally Posted by X_Racer1 View Post
Why would a 360 fan have any reason (after all the have both Left 4 Dead games, we have none, in fact if anything, they would be laughing at PlayStation 3 owners) the only console to have a somewhat real reason is PlayStation 3 owners just because their dictator, is a Microsoft loving fanboy and won't bring over any of their other games to the platform. I've never even heard of such a thing. If you're wondering about what Jordan mentioned, I believe he was referring to PlayStation 3 fanboys that have boycotted Valve, not fans of the 360.
oh, never mind sorry, I mistook Jordan then
maybe then its just a few 360 fanboys that I've heard then

and @Jordan whe nI think about you are right, I haven't seen him post much after that either but I have heard a bit of PS fanboys make fun of Valve I believe
sorry for the misunderstanding again
Go Montreal Canadiens

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