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One of the major reasons why I"m getting a ps3 is that the online is FREE. IMO, you just can't overstate that enough because for example, my best friends live all over the country, so I can't just have a gaming party some night and invite them all over - but the freedom to play whenever I want with friends (old and new) is awesome!

here's the kicker. Ps3: $500 20gb, or $600 60gb (for now).
xbox 360 - $400 (premium, the only one worth getting - read up on it)
PLUS "premium 12 month gold membership pack - the only way you can have online play" $60 x say 5 years conservative estimate on the life of how long you'll play that console = $300! And you've just spent $700!
I need to finish my master's thesis before I'll let myself get a ps3 (otherwise it'd never get done). Wish me luck! Goal: June 8th.
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