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Ok, thanks for your support.

Nyko sells fans for the ps3 ... you can mount them directly onto the ps3 and it will cool down the machine.
I thought about it before and I'm going to buy just in case.

I dunno about those Nyko fans though, I've heard some horror stories about those, especially with the 360 version, look at these reviews:
Gee, why design this device and comes to damage the console? I tough was 100% effective.

Ok, I will try to play not so much.

If you're that concerned about over heating, put it in a cooler room, with a good ventillation system and stand it on it's side, that way there's more room for heat to conduct away. It's never been a problem as far as I know, so I wouldn't worry too much.
Ok, with a single Fan in the room can work?
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