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LAWL Coke and PSP Superbowl

One episode swapped a strict, by-the-book mom with an easy-going mom whose kids walked all over her. The mom who went to the family where the kids were orderly, responsible, respectful, and did their chores was amazed that children actually helped out around the house. Of course her kids back home received $100 a week for allowance. Think about that for a second. $100 a week for a 21 year old and an 18 year old who still live at home in Mississippi. No offense to anyone from Mississippi but I imagine $100 goes a lot further there than it does in Washington, D.C. If you do a cost of living adjustment we?re probably looking at the equivalent of $250 in DC. Anyway you view it, if you?re giving your kids $100 a week for allowance (and the kids did no chores, this was just money for the hell of it) you either have one of those trees in your backyard that grows money on it or you are providing your children with a false appreciation for the value of a dollar. Which is why there's no full changelog to bring for now. Wait for the update to this when decides to play catchup, or when one of us bravely decides to sacrifice his or her personal PSP to the all-consuming maw of FW 3.30 to see what's changed (or at least far enough to see the changelog). Or we'll just update this article after the results of that ultimate sacrifice (until they come out with a downgrader...) reveals the changelog.
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