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Took me a good 6 hours i think, i got to hard like 3 times but ended up dying near the end so it friggin went back down lol. Good as in gameplay, its so fluent that i just couldnt believe it. They best part of the game is when the two evil sides of the story are fighting each other and you jump in to stop it, you have like 30 guys blowing crap up and all this nonsense going on around you that its just awesome.

As for the story i loved it, the ending was mind blowing. However the open ending kinda made me sad in away, games are not like movies, it will take them aa good 1 to 2 years to finally get the sequal out haha. So who knows how long we wait till the story is finished. I dont think i really like the idea of him going back in time though, i liked having the girl he loved and trying to rescuue her but something happens aspect. In the sequal he should find another girl that just helps him and throughout the story they start getting closer, then near the end she should be threatened and choice a save her or choice b dont, and saving her really works. That "choose which building to save" scenerio was amazing.
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