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Questionable Javascript

Due to the threats out on the Internet I run an add-on for Firefox called NoScript which blocks all sources of Javascript on pages till you either allow them or permanently mark them untrusted as Javascript can be used for malicious purposes, by fluke today I accidentally clicked on the S icon that brings up the menu of things I block and this site seems to be running a lot of Javascript, some of it questionable.

In that screenshot you can see there is the Untrusted Javascript list, the site's own Javascript appears just below the Untrusted button and is marked Trusted, otherwise the website has problems working correctly, it is hard to see as it's blocked by a dialogue from NoScript. Then in the untrusted list, Google Analytics appears and while I block for privacy reasons but I know that it is Javascript used to gauge site visits, OS, browser, etc so that's fine. Facebook also appears in this list which I also know again is a well known, trusted site but to save on loading time I block it. The problem starts though with the domain which appears in the list and after a quick Google search and check on WOT turns up two separate reports that list that site as a domain hosting malware, one from a trusted reviewer with a perfect record in the McAfee community: See Report 1 (McAfee SiteAdvisor) & Report 2 (Web of Trust). Another one that appears is about:blank which is unusual for a website to come up with and another one being Queenbmedia, which is associated with this site, but I deemed unnecessary for website function so it's blocked to save on loading time and and turns up a yellow report from McAfee SiteAdvisor by their own testing and complete red from almost all user reviewes and Web of Trust turns up unsafe while is deemed safe by McAfee SiteAdvisor and Web of Trust has no reports but is unnecessary for website function so again it's blocked to save on loading time. While I realize sometimes these security websites can have mis-reports, it's still something I find concerning and worth bringing attention to everyone on the board. I do enjoy this website and am not trying to be mean, I simply looking out for the security of all users of the website.
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