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Microsoft Might Finally Get Past The EU

Now if you haven't heard over the past few months what's being going on, the EU has been ****ed off at Microsoft because IE is bundled with Windows and finally as a compromise, European (key word European, anywhere else in the world your copy of Windows will not do this, similar to how European countries had N editions of Windows that didn't include Windows Media Player) Windows copies will eventually start asking you which browser you want to use and this isn't just copies of Windows 7, in the case of Vista and Windows XP a new update will be pushed out that after install will present you with the ballot screen which will show a randomized choice of browsers to choose from with Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari at least being the main choices.

Personally I think its a gigantic load of bull****, it's Microsoft's ****ing product, they shouldn't have to advertise for other people's products within their own product plus it's not like they aren't stopping you from downloading another browser, all you have to do is use IE for less than 10 minutes. Plus as many people point out, is Apple getting this crap aimed at them or even Linux (although to be fair Linux could have anything included by default due to the operating system itself being open-source) for that matter, no and they probably never will despite Safari being loaded by default on Mac's and Firefox being the usual default on Linux distributions.

Also that ballot screen is just a mock-up, no ones really sure what it will look like but it probably won't appear inside Internet Explorer itself.
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