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Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
Ya pretty much that exactly how we'd have to do it lol. We should put a lot of work into to make sure it's good. I don't want to do it if it's half assed or just not good anyways lol. What movie do you guys want to do. Something like Avatar would be good because it's so popular right not. It's just an okay movie though so I don't know. Something like Enemy at the gates would be perfect but I don't think it's popular enough of a movie to be ideal. Any ideas?
yeah i just watched this and its pretty well produced, camera position wise and that but they ruin it near the end after a sniper gets a care package lol, ive also seen people making them not in hardcore mode and you can see the names of people etc lol..

erm what about gamer? haha! .. something like 2012 would be good if we could edit it and then use the nuke at the end lol, but i havent seen alot of recent war type films to be honest :/ behind enemy lines was quite popular i think?
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