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What color PSP?

If you've got a PSP, what color is it?
Or if you were to get one, what color would you get?

If you've got the black one, are you happy with it, or wanting one of the other colors?

I got a black one on launch here in the UK. And when the white one came along, didn't like it much, but, it intrigued me, and I wanted one, just to see if it looked better than it did on does :P
So I got a white one, which I downgraded to 1.50 - and put CF on :), and a black one, which was 2.80 - reason enough to have two PSPs :P lol - Then I downgraded it when the 2.80 downgrader came out, and put CF on that too.

Then :O I seen the blue ones, not yet out in the UK, but, bought one on ebay :P
So yeah, had three PSPs at one point, but, sold the black one :) Still got the white for now, as when I first got the blue, i was like, hmmm, which do I like best. And, it still kinda is like that. Blues my fave color, and the blue PSP looks awesome, but, the white one looks awesome too. But yeah, I will sell one of them :P lol :)

What bout you guys/girls?
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