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Video Game Deals

Thought I would start this thread here so we can cover any platform that we find deals for but the idea as you can tell from the title is to post any deals on video games you might find so others can take advantage of them. To start things off I've got two, Best Buy (Canada) is currently selling both Sly 2 (in-store) and Sly 3 (in store and online) for just $9.95 brand new, so if you missed out on the series back on the PS2, now is a good time to buy a copy.

On Amazon if you are one that is going to be buying BioShock 2 they have an offer for both Canadians and Americans, for Americans you can pre-order the game for $54.98 and you also get a $10 credit towards a future video game purchase on Amazon and a free Big Daddy outfit for PlayStation Home. For Canadians, is offering pre-orders for $64.99 and is also offering a $10 credit towards a future video game purchase, but no Home outfit.
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