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Well if you're willing to put the pre-order in now for when it releases in August, is offering a $20 future credit towards your next video game purchase if you pre-order Madden NFL 11 ( only though, doesn't even have the game on their website yet). Walmart is also doing basically the same offer because the $20 credit is good on their website only, not in stores (Also only for Wal-Mart in the U.S).

EDIT: Bit of unrelated information but for anyone who buys off of or just Amazon in general, watch your prices carefully, since I first posted this thread the BioShock 2 offer while still giving you a $10 credit the actual price went up to $69.99, same thing happened to me with Top Gear: Season 11, price dropped release day (although I'm still ****ed off because Americans can get Season 12 for less than Season 11 in the U.S where here it cost me over $30 but I digress), I think it was $7 and after arguing with them for a bit, ended up getting $7.91 back including taxes refunded. Along with that advice I'll post a link to a tool I use with Amazon, Timberfrog, long story short you give them the Amazon link (US or Canada) to the item you want to watch prices on, tell them when to notify you and give them an e-mail address to send the notification to.
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