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Well for anyone here who has been considering buying a 360 for some of the exclusives they have, now would be the time to do so, is selling the XBOX 360 Arcade model for just $129.99, $70 off the normal retail price (and even adding the starter pack costs, it's still not a bad deal). is not running this deal though.

One other one for Canadians is and retail locations are selling Assassin's Creed II for $39.99, similar to the deals offered up to Americans a few times already.

EDIT: I can't believe I'm actually able to post this one but if you ever been wanting some of the classic Crash Bandicoot games on disc, actually has in stock according to their website, copies of the Crash Bandicoot Collector's Edition, which includes Crash Bandicoot: Warped, Crash Bash and Crash Team Racing, all for $29.99 with free Super Saver Shipping. Not a bad deal at all for some great games although I'm still amazed they still have them, I own this pack myself and I bought mine over 5 years ago, back when the PlayStation 2 was the big thing and the original PlayStation was on it's way out.
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