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playstation eye

Today Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced the PlayStation Eye, which is a new accessory specifically designed for the PlayStation 3.

The key features of the PlayStation Eye:

- A sophisticated microphone with the ability to reduce background noise and focus on the spoken word for smoother, more accurate speech recognition and transfer
- The ability to capture videos and audio clips directly to your PS3?s hard disk drive
- Engineered to perform well even in low-light conditions
- A range of different capturing modes, including slow motion and time-lapse
- Faster frame rate for improved tracking, responsiveness and smoothness
- Two position zoom lens for close-up and full body options
- A range of eye-catching visual effects to apply to photos and videos
- Bundled with EyeCreate? editing software, which allows users to save and edit photos, video and audio clips

New microphone functions:

An all-new four microphone array, incorporating multidirectional voice location tracking, enhanced echo cancelling and background noise suppression allows for clear audio chat in even the most noisy of environments, without the need to hold or wear a headset.

Next-generation camera features:

A frame rate of up to 120 frames per second allows for super-smooth video and sophisticated low-light operation means that the room doesn?t have to be brightly lit for the camera to deliver crisp, perfectly exposed video. The adjustable zoom lens features a 56? field of view to capture head and shoulders action for close-in audio-visual chat, and a 75? field of view to capture the whole body for a fully physical gaming experience.

Technical Specifications:

- 4 channel audio input:16 bits/channel, 48kHz, SNR 90db

- 56? to 75? Field of View zoom lens

- 2.1 F-stop, <1% distortion, fixed focus (25cm to 8 at 75? FOV)

- 640 x 480 at 60 frames/second

- 320 x 240 at 120 frames/second

- USB2 high-speed data transfer

- Uncompressed video or optional JPEG compression

To sum it all up, the PlayStation Eye will be a multi-functional accessory , which you can use as a webcam and as a microphone for in-game chatting. Perhaps Sony will also decide to incorporate the PS Eye into Home and use it as a voice or video chat function. The PlayStation Eye will be available in Europe this Summer. Sony, for now, has not announced a release date for any other regions.
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