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New PS3 40 GIG Big Problem With Reading the Disk

Hello, Let me just say in advance, thanks to anyone who took the time out to read this post and help me out. I just received a 40 Gig PS3 for Christmas. I've had a PS2 for years and I know how to set the system up. I was very careful and read all the directions. I set up the video and system settings and inserted the disk (not the movie) that comes with the system after I updated the software to version 2.10. The disk contains trailers for games and movies and shows you how to set up your online account. It played for 2 minutes, froze, and then it said that the disk could not be read. After that no other disk would play in the system. The system is literally hours old and will not play any dvd, blue ray dvd, or Assassins Creed. I have tried different dvd's and cd's. The little cirlce in the corner of the screen just keeps acting as if it is still reading the disk. If anyone has any information I would greatly appreciate it. I don't want to send this thing back to SONY. Thanks for the info and help.
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