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You actually have wireless on your residence, ours is really spotty, basically once in awhile it decides there is a signal because your actually picking up a wireless signal from across the parking lot at campus, basically your told the minute you walk in, you need Ethernet cable, fortunately I had two 25 foot cables so I wasn't screwed but here's the better part, our phones actually share our Internet connection with computers, there Ethernet powered IP Phones but again I'm in the clear because my phone gets no use, the BlackBerry is my phone.

Anyway, had plenty of time to play those PSN titles I own and I actually am revising my favorites, it now goes.

1. PixelJunk Eden
2. Trash Panic
3. WipEout HD (mostly because having no online is making the game extremely repetitive and dull)
4. PixelJunk Monsters (I only have the demo, but the minute I get a chance I'm buying the full game, it's just so darn addictive)
5. Rag Doll Kung Fu
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