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Originally Posted by SaintAvi View Post
It's tempting but the library just isnt there for me to justify buying one at the moment.

When hashing things out, Gears 2, Halo 3 , Banjo Kazooie and SplinterCell are the only
ones that are attracting me, with Uncharted and Gears sharing a basic formula, Halo 3
being an above average FPS and SplinterCell inevitably going multiplat I always end up
thinking myself out of buying one.

That and the thing is about as reliable as a cardboard raft.

Take that $200 and buy GOW3,Demon's Souls,Super Street Fighter IV,Bad Company 2 you will be entertained for months
thats the same thing that I feel, sure people may think that the online is "amazing" but I just don't like the library at the moment, the 360 doesn't really have anything that I want that the PS3 doesn't and as u said Saintavi, the 360 is about as reliable as a cradboard raft, which really says something
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