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he cant actualy be taken down, as its his hardware he has messed with hes allowed to open it up and do what he wants with it since hes paid for it, and releasing the exploit?
Actually Sony is allowed to take action if
1 He lets others know how to do it
2 he gets online with a hacked console
3 He uses it to pirate or do "illegal" activity with it.

Its the same reason Hackers/crackers lock out their hard drives and hide IP's etc..whenever they do anything on computers.

And I dont care if he is the one exploiting it with ISO's etc...Its a team business, one guy hacks it, another guy builds the software, both are to blame. Look at how homebrew and all these stupid hacks ruined the PSP beyond belief. The fact is if your FORCED to buy the games you WILL buy the games. If you have that way out of getting it for free, with very few drawbacks, then why buy it?

Now that im serious about going into the industry im completely against this crap, its not needed. The PS3 itself does so many things (something 360 users cant say) why do this? Why not find a way to make emulators or whatever possible without hacking it? Why open the PS3 to virus' and other crap? Why not work WITH Sony and make it more secure?

Makes no sense to me at all.
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