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Why wont DVD drive read a Wii game so I can back it up?

A lot of people ask about this.
The best answer is
For some unknown reason (to me) only certain models of LG DVD drives are able to copy Wii games. I assume your intention is to be able to back it up, though keep in mind that you'll need a mod'd Wii in order to play backed up games (ISO files).

There exists software that performs what folks call a "raw dump" of a Wii DVD. With the right software and right DVD player model, you can "rip" Wii games from their originals to convert to ISOs which can later be played on a mod'd Wii.

Of course there are piracy concerns and legal issues.

I provided one link in the source that goes through the process of backing up a Wii game (it is a normal DVD contrary to popular belief; just has an encoded header). Again, you won't be able to play that back up even if you manage to rip the game unless you've modified your Wii.

Short answer to your question, you're DVD drive can't read the Wii DVD because it may not be a specific LG model and you're not using software like "Raw Dump" to mount the DVD as its header is not recognized by the computer without decryption of sorts.
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