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Its a business related issue for Sony. PlayStation is a strong brand, but you have to look at how many strong brands Sony has. If the PS3 continued to fall in sales and not do well, then Sony would see no point in furthering the brand. Thus PS4 wouldn't get funding very well, and PlayStation would fall off the map. This proves PlayStation is still strong, and Sony should still fund it.

As for your questions.
1 It means more titles will be coming to PS3 instead of going exclusive to Xbox. Before, MS paying off devs was giving them more money to work with. Now if they do that, they are throwing away more than half their consumers, which will hurt them obviously. So PS3 is more "enticing" to the developers. Will games get better? That has nothing to do with sales, that has to do with developers being comfortable with the prorgamming it takes to make a PS3 title.

2 It could get Sony exclusives, but sales are not high enough to do so. Both consoles have about the same share of sales, so a developer going one way or another is a bad idea in both directions. The explanation as to why MS wont get exclusives applies to Sony as well.

Overall this is just good for business, and doesn't really mean much to the gamer. Other than third parties wont be so exclusive to MS anymore, there really isn't any need to worry about sales now. Sony did their part and PS3 is starting to lead the way this generation.
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