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For a bit of reference to my sound quality here is;

a link to my music page:

a link to my studio page

I've never done any film sort of endeavour but think I can achieve some nice results. I suppose I'll narrate (if needed), act, and score it. It'll be kind of odd having one person have good voice quality and the others not as much haha. I nominate Dustin to start writing the script haha. Since you are a PSC writer and all. I think in terms of viral success we'd be best off going the MW2 Avatar route. They're two of the hottest entertainment items right now. The facts that Avatar's story is kind of "meh" will make it easier to to it mock style. We could get a lot of potential youtube views. If it turns out well our next one should be Uncharted 2. I'll buy the game specifically for the filming haha.
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