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Ok That's The Same When The Psi Came Out And The First Nintendo No One Had Experience But Thier (thier As In Microsoft) R Doing Alot Better Look At The Elite Nothing Or No One That I Heard Of Had Any Problems With Thier Elite, And That's How It Should Be, So By The End Of This Year When They Will Have New Xbox 360's In My Opinion
The Failure Rate Of 360's Will Decline As It Is Now
Faster And Faster. But They (they As In Ms) Should Really Have This Under Controll I Mean It's Been Over A Year And Some Are Still Breaking.

But Sony Put Thier Prototype Beginning Techno Blu-ray In All Ps3 Let's See What Happens When It Becomes A Year Old System???????????????????

But As Long As The Wii And 360 Out On The Selves And 65nm Cpu's N The 360 This Fall (possible Price Drop) And Their Prices Decline, They Will Continue To Sell More.
For Example Look At The Ps2 It Is Kicking The Ps3 And 360's Ass And It's A 7 Year Old Console
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