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I dont believe you can run anything off the external. For example a game installs it will install to the internal, download stuff to the internal (unless its a video, it will then give you an option), and gamesaves go to the internal. You can read gamesaves from an external but i dont think it works ingame, has to be internal. Thats due to the stupid "copyright" stuff on everything, its locked to your account.

Honestly though, i was screwing around and its super hard to break anything doing it. Literlly just pop off the side with a flathead, unscrew the one screw, then grab the little handle and pop it out. Its in a little shell so nothing wil harm it. Sony made it so its easy to do this, average people lol. I say just go mess with it right now...Go take it out, see what it looks like, then put it back in. Then when you get a new one, take it out again, unscrew the 4 little screws on the casing, put in the new one, then put it back.

Just some tips
-Dont use a magnetic screwdriver. Magnets will mess up hard drives.
-I did it on carpet, but its probably best not to lol. Static electricity build up could zap the drive.

Other than that there really is no worries at all.
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