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Tiger Woods PGA Tour Doing Badly

And when I say badly, it's really bad as apparently sales of the new title are down 66% across the board for all systems with the Wii showing the biggest decrease, 86% fewer sales.

Now of course of all things EA could put the blame on for the low sales on the game, guess which one they chose, gamers are tired of the same game every year with a roster update, the games are too expensive for what they are, the recent online plans by EA to require you to spend $10 to access online features if you bought the game used. Nope, they went with the cop out that Tiger Woods scandal is the reason for lower sales.

Now I don't doubt that there's a few people out there who wouldn't buy the game because of that but I really doubt that the majority of people who didn't buy the game this year did so just because of Tiger's actions off the course, but hey it's business, best thing to do is put the blame on somebody else instead of admitting a problem with your own business.
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